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Osama Bin Chimpstein?

David Frum, one of AEI's showiest Jews, helps Richard Perle rail against terrrorism--but quivers when asked about Louis E. Chimpstein.

Frum, who constantly inveights against anti-Semitism on the left, has little to say about its far more insidious manifestation on the right, Christian anti-Semitism.

Frum got flustered when asked if he found Hudson' official pretext for cutting this journalist loose--improper use of a stuffed chimp--convincing.

Hypocrisies abound. But that's the least of it.

Hypocrisy does not violate civil statutes or the First Amendment.

Whether the behavior of Tim Goglein and Karl Rove who Frum worked with at the White House does is another question.

What did Frum know and when did he know it about the behavior of Karl Rove and Tim Goeglein that, at the very least, coincided with this journalist's abrupt dismissal by Hudson and AEI? He dodged repeated inquiries on the phone; then email a non-response response., after careful review of publicly available material, extensive reporting and just common sense analysis, is working on a separate report regarding whether the White House precipitated the AEI purge.

Karl Zinsmeister, editor of The American Enterprise magazine, has no connection with Paul Weyrich, and his not a hothead or big on the issue of supposed McCarthyite attacks on Christian conservatives over little insignificant charges of deicide. He has conceded criticism of Weyrich precipitated the purge, but refused to explain the circumstances to many colleagues who ask.

Here's one possible hint that militates in favor of White House undue influence. Originally, Zinsmeister told this journalist that he had hoped my "war against the demented," ongoing battle with Paul Weyrich , subsided, he could work with me again.

People reveal much with few words.

Consider: he was waiting for the controversy to blow over. Doesn't that likely mean he was under pressure from someone because of the publicity, but once it ended he would not take flak for working with me?

In other words, if my offense was ideological only--my violation of the conservative speech code on the Christian Right, my thought crimes against humanity--he would have no inclination to reverse the purge. But that was not the case when we first talked.

He's scared of something. Who? Why?

Back to Frum. Before he realized the line of questioning, said casually that he knew Tim Goeglein and worked with him. He repeatedly dodged questions regarding how often he talked to Goeglein, whose phone calls about Jews who embarass the Bush Administration are at the very least improper and unethical, possibly run afoul of the First Amendment, and could constitute tortious interference with contract.

What did he Frum know and when did he know it?

Again, this is not my little game with a stuffed chimp and a wicked witch who thinks I swing from the other side of the tree.

Serious stuff.

--Evan Gahr, king of all animals for, used to work for Eric Breindel and sometimes feels like he still does.

David Frum, one of National Review's premiere pansies, is co-author, some say primary author, with Richard Perle, of An End to Evil, the tome which explans to less simple folks at the CIA, Pentagon, State Department, etc., how to win the war against terrorism.

Frum's shtick is that he can singlehandledly solve the nation's seeming intractable problem with terrorism if only people would finally avail themselves of his wisdom--or so he contends. He has "all the goddamn answers."

(The description my journalism friend once used for the granola girl he was forced to take on a date because she was the publisher's daughter. He made the otherwise heinous evening bearable by taunting her unmercifully "Homeless people, let them all starve, they don't work they don't eat, simple as that." She was not amused.)

Like the granola girl, it's easy enough to puncture Frum's pretenses. Osama Bid Laden is no problem. But his real beast of burden is Louis E. Chimpstein.

Routine questions about Chimpstein, the only creature great or small ever to best David Horowitz in a debate, left the usually articultate Frum flustered, more stunned than a guy to whom Ann Coulter says "no."

Like many neo-Coms (spiritual heirs to the Jew CPUSA fellow travelers, except now the insidious philosophy they advance that is wreaked untold horrors on the world is anti-Semitism, not communism) Frum is associated with the Hudson Institute, which fired me just days after I embarassed Karl Rove with an oblique and subtle rebuke to Paul Weyrich for saying that you know who did you know what.

Hudson said I was dismissed for using a stuffed chmp in a television debate with David Horowitz, not for criticizing Weyrich.

Does Frum find the Chimptein explanation plausible? Asked repeatedly, he gave non-answer answers, then scurried off the phone. Follow-up calls went into voice mail.

Oy vey.

Who's the real Prince of Darkness?

What's the real axis of evil? Chimpstein, Magilla Gorilla and Bonzo?

Mabye Osama Bin Laden and other prospective AFM advisory board members don't need to spend so much money on elaborately weaponry. They can just toss a few stuffed monkeys outside AEI, and watch Frum flee in horror.

Talk about guerrilla a warfare.

But this is not moneky business. Chimpstein frightens Frum for good reason. The reason is not cute or funny. Chimpstein probably took the fall for Karl Rove.

Chimpstein, however, laughable is how the Hudson Institute, a government contractor with obvious incentive to maintain the good graces of Karl Rove, initially deflected attention, from a close examination of the circumstances surrounding my dismissal, which by any reasonable interpreation miltate in favor of the strong possiblity of undue White House influence, experts say.

For example, here's one question nobody asked. (Granted, it's less fun than asking Michael Horowitz--actual conversation--just how did Chimpstein reflect poorly on Hudson? Did he scratch under his arms? Not groomed properly--what was the rush to fire me?

Only two months remained on my contract. Why did London promise the Forward on a Tuesday nite that I would not be dismissed than reverse his stated plans, congruent with what he told others privately, just 24 hours later? Who could have frightened him? Karl Rove or Louis E. Chimpstein?

The dismissal occurred just days after Tim Goeglein, it seems, at the behest of Karl Rove made inquiries about matter of my employment.

Frum worked with Rove and Goeglein when those inquiries and complaints about another employee of Hudson, Marshall Wittmann, weree made. Wittman is now an ex-Hudson employee; he inexplicably left his cushy job for the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill.

More importantly, what did Frum know and when did he know it about the White House calls?

When Goeglein asked questions the matter of my employment was "of interest to many people," Paul Weyrich has stated in writing.

Was Frum one of them? Pressed on this point and others, Frum weaved and dodged. His response to a follow-up email that pressed him on the above questions and other permutations of what did you know and when did you know it was a firm non-denial denial.

In a message dated 2/23/04 10:39:53 AM, writes: << Evan, 90% of this is incomprehensible to me. But to the extent I understand what you are saying, my advice to you is to please, please, please seek medical help - and then to stop telephoning or emailing me. I won't answer again. DF

Great, David. That means 10% was clear. And since I essentially asked 100 variations on the same question, you have 10 to answer.

   Evan Gahr, a former press critic for the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, recently broke the story of a race discrimination lawsuit against the Washington Post. He has written for almost every major conservative publication.