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Neo-Coms: The dirty little secret of John Podhoretz, Bill Kristol and their pre-Vatican 2 Shabbos Goy Bob McManus--plus someone named Lawrence Kaplan

Hymietown -- New York Post Editorial Page Editor Bob McManus and New York Post columnist John Podhoretz work closely together--much like Roy Cohn and David Schine--to defend the American people against enemies foreign and domestic.

Yet another Jewish-Christian labor of love.

John, the genial and kind-hearted son of Hudson Institute fellow Norman Podhoretz, fierce defender of the Jewish people against the forces of radical Simeanism calls McManus a "newspaper man's newspaper man."

Sure, if the newspaper is the Hamas Daily Journal.

Or the Alliance for Marriage newsletter.

And the "man" is whichever "doctor" Hamas leader hasn't yet been sent to Mecca by an Israeli missile. (Do they really need medical school to learn how to blow up buses?)

Anyway, the New York Post Editorial Page recently published an op-ed by someone from CAIR.


Remember the "All in the Family" when Edith donates money to the Black Panthers because she thinks it's to protect wildlife?

Did McManus think CAIR is some Christian group that receives faith-based initiative grants to send CARE packages to summer camp kids?

After hiding behind his befuddled and antiquated sounding secretary all day McManus finally answered his own line not long after 6pm. "Bob, you published an op-ed by CAIR.

"Do you know what CAIR is?

"Do you know what the consequences of that is?"

"Ah, Jesus. I'm busy. Leave me alone."

Me. Me. Me.

No wonder he gets along so well with John Podhoretz.

Ditto for William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Double Standard. According to the Heritage Foundation website, the Double Standard recently published an article about the Alliance for Marriage that rehashed the group's line on the diversity of the amendment's supporters, including the Islamic Society of North America.

Duh? Post Sept-11, shouldn't these kind of Islamic sounding groups set the clue phone ringing at the Weekly Standard. Perhaps a quick google search was justified?

But the clue phone went into voice mail.

That's bad enough. Other times, they commit sins of omission and comission.

The Weekly Double Standard and the New York Post Editorial Page were among the few mainstream publications to have disregarded this writer's exclusive series of reports about the unholy alliance between neo-conservatives and a radical Islamic group, ISNA, to oppose gay marriage.

Rabbi Marc Gellman was the only one of Bill Kristol's fellow travelers to resign because of the ISNA connection. Others, such as Richard John Neuhaus, Pope Pius professor of history at Georgetown, stayed on board. ISNA finally resigned from the AFM after it was exposed as one of the Islamic groups under investigation for alleged terrorist related activities.

Throughout the controversy, ISNA and its fellow travelers insisted that the Indianapolis-based group, which has indulged anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism far more venal than the stuff which got the Nation of Islam banished from polite society was very mainstream--an argument certainly congruent with favorable press coverage, particularly in the Weekly Double Standard.

Moreover, the lack of criticism in these two key outlets, plus of course the National Review, edited by Rich Lowry, queen of the mag's hetorofairies, could only have served to embolden the AFM-ISNA agenda.

How does all this comport with Rupert Murdoch's pro-Israel stance?

Touchy stuff.

Ditto for the charming little anecdote I reported about McManus in the original email version of this piece.

One night when Eric Breindel left the office early, he had then-edtiorial writer John Barnes, a friend of David "Non-Denial Denial" Frum go with Bob McManus in his place to a black tie affair (or should it be called African-American tie affair) of the Atlanta-based self help group, 100 Black Men.

McManus, clad in tuxedo, stuck his big fat pre-Vatican 2 Irish Catholic face, from outside his office. With a smirk he called the organization "100 black men with their parole officer."

I don't remember anybod else being around.

But it doesn't matter.

I have notes and contemperaneous conversations with everyone dating back to my first job after college with Insight Magazine of the Washington Times.

U.S. Navy Math proficiency Exam

1. Johny has a AK47 with 40 round clip. If he missis six of 10 shots and shoots 13 times ar each drive by shooting, how many shooting can he attend before he has to reload?

2. Jose has two ounces of cocaine, and sells an 8-ball to Jackson for $320 and two grams to Billy for $85 per gram. What is the street value of the balance of this cocaine if he doesn't cut it?

3. Rufus is pimping for three girls. If the price is $65 for each trick, how many tricks will each have to turn so Rufus can pay for his $800 per day crack habit?

McManus also pleasures himself immensely by downloading racist material from the internet on New York Post time. Here's one example. Are there others?

No wonder that when pressed on these matters in a follow-up phone call McManus, huffing and puffing like an elderly walrus (to borrow from the evil yet talented Alexander Cockburn) told his interviewer

"Listen, if there's any shred of sanity in you, leave us alone."


Mona Charen, author of The Wit and Wisdom of Mona Charen, a decidedly small volume, concludes that I swing from the other side of the tree.

But McManus says its ME who is out of touch with reality?

Evan Gahr, King of All Animals for, used to work for Eric Breindel and sometimes he feels like he still does.

"Evan, you know that I have been a friend and want to continue to be a friend. That is not just out of loyalty to Eric but out of respect for your gifts.

   Evan Gahr, a former press critic for the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, recently broke the story of a race discrimination lawsuit against the Washington Post. He has written for almost every major conservative publication.