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John Kerry's Un-American Activities

Journalist expelled from Kerry national HQ for "illegal" camera use. How long does it take to bait Kerry & Co into quotable quotes and goofy actions, which arguably run afoul of local and federal law? Exactly 53 seconds.

The much derided Willie Horton commercial that helped sink the presidential campaign of the teeny weenie Michael Dukakis was far more honest and much less vicious than the speech which John Kerry gave last week to black Baptist leaders gathered in New Orleans.

The Willie Horton advertisement is endlessly criticized for playing to white fears. True enough, whites, and blacks, have much to fear from convicted rapists treated to weekend getaways. And facts are pesky things. Perhaps good-faith arguments can be made regarding how the commercial used or missed certain basic facts, but nobody could impugn the commercials overall truthfulness.

Not so Kerry's speech in which the alleged war hero made statements which he knew or should have known were false.

The speech arguably raises more statements about his truthfulness than the military service claims now alleged. And it's much easier to refute. Similarly, in perhaps a creepy preview of what John Kerry's America might be like, a journalist taking pictures--illegally Kerry's people claimed--at the front desk of the national headquarters was expelled literally seconds after he asked leading questions about the seemingly dearth of black campaign workers and the foolish New Orleans speech.

Why aren't other journalists making these kind of inquiries? It shouldn't be too difficult. In his speech to the black ministers organization Kerry served dollops of regurgitated liberal pabulum disguised as soul food.

The Massachusetts senator played on the theme--which dates to the Kerner Commission Report in the late 1960s--that America is really two nations, separate and unequal, one black, one white. Kerry asserted that American cities "are being torn apart by forces just as divisive and destructive as Jim Crow." These kind of assertions, like so much else of liberal thought that has infected mainstream thinking, is counter-intuitive and even upon cursory scrutiny quickly collapses under the sheer weight of its own inanity.

If black people are so hapless and oppressed then why is Kerry so determined to grovel before his Negro masters for their support?

But grovel he did.

It was Superwhitey to the rescue. Making the curious clam that "a million African-American votes [were] not counted" in the 2000 election, Kerry, according to one press report, wielded statistics about unemployment poverty and the dropout rates of minorities to suggest the nation is terribly fractured by intractable racist forces.

The biggest lie in the speech was that urban American is ravaged by the same kind of vicious and intractable racism equivalent to Jim Crow.

Oh really? Jim Crow was a segregation system enforced by terror and fear, often times by Southern law enforcement officials. It is synonymous with lynching, a horrific chapter in our nation's history.

Just who gets lynched these days in American cities? Which KKK figures have day jobs in Southern law enforcement? Do these cities include those ruled at times by black mayors, such as David Dinkins, Wilson Goode, Harold Washington and other blacks?

Which cities?

Time for a reality check.

Let's examine the Washington area, starting in Arlington, VA. Early Friday morning two parking lot attendants at an unnamed garage are smoking cigarettes right in the driveway. Asked about Kerry's suggestion that there are two Americas, they react with all the passion and emotion that might have been expected if a passerbyer inquired whether it is true that Roslyn has one Mcdonalds and one Burger King. One of the attendants, with a closely shaved dark beard and intense eyes, finally says that he disagrees with the thrust of the speech.

He for example resides in a middle class, racially mixed neighborhood. Is he voting for Kerry? "It ain't gonna be Bush. That's for sure." The oppressed Negroes head inside back to their job--but they certainly don't answer to "the man." Around 9am a steady stream of cars go into the garage, many SUV's, driven by blacks, whites and Asians.

Walk over the Key Bridge from Roslyn to DC and it's more of the same. A light-skinned black women, clad in short green skirt, walks along Pennsylvania Avenue, holding hands, with a taller slender white guy.

A few blocks away where workers are demolishing a big building , a tall white man, who looks like redneck from central casting, big stomach, missing some teeth stands with his two black workers. The speech was undoubtedly designed to incite the hapless Negro masses to action, and it sure does leave one of the black construction workers active, his face covered by an American flag facsimile--indignant about the speech. "That's bullshit. He's lying." At the GWU campus, however, one black man expressed agreement with the speech as he gets into his nifty car, his mother already seated in the passenger seat. "It's exactly the way I felt for years," he says. For good reason: he owns his own company, employees about 10 and depends on racial set-asides. He can cry about racism all the way to the bank.

But the divisive sensibility of this affirmative action baby is apparently not shared by many GWU students and employees.

Black college girls who look like stereotypical sororority sisters casually schmooze with white coeds seated on the gray benches right outside an H St. dorm.

GWU employees, one black and one white, do some kind of logistic overlook.

There is one place, however, where the two nations analogy obtains. In John Kerry land. White DNC workers who are canvassing the campus for support are asked why they don't have any black colleagues. "I'm sorry I can't help you. We do hire them."

The women, brunette with piercing blue eyes, s strikingly pretty but doesn't seem to be the deepest of thinkers. "So your job is just to look pretty?"

"Alright, it was nice talking to you."

"If it was so nice why are you running away?"

Run, whitey, run.

About 7 blocks down, however, the black front desk worker at Kerry's national headquarters stood still in the face of provocative questions regarding the speech, but then with a wave of her dark hand dispatched the campaign's security guard to expel the provocateur, dressed about as much of a slob as Frank Rich but more fastidious than his new role model, Michael Moore. He was then threatened with arrest if he reentered the building by another guard, working for or perhaps with the Kerry campaigning.

Call them Kerry's black honor guard.

Events transposed so quickly this military-like account is probably the best way to impress upon readers the astounding combination of malice, arrogance and stupidity of the Kerry campaign.

At approximately 17:00 hours on September 10, 2004, a white male, clad in standard journalism semi-slob style, meandered into the waiting area of alleged war hero John Kerry's national campaign headquarters.

The following fracas, as recorded by the intruder's digital camera, ensued.


00:05 Hymie-American: It's OK to look around? Black guard: [no response]
00:24 Hymie-American: Are you the only black person who works for him?
00:25 Negress at front desk: No [laughs]
00:27 Hymie-American: Are you sure?
00:29 Negress:I'm positive. There are others.
Hymie-American: Where are they?
0031 Negress: They're working.
Hymie-American: Oh yeah? Do you know their names?
0331:Negress: I do.
Hymie-American: but you cant tell me? Is it like stereotypical black names?
Or Jewish names? Or average normal name.
Negress: Can I help you [said to Honky-American at Hymie-American's right]
00:44 Hymie-American: Wait, wait. He said there are two Americas. Is this the black campaign headquarters or the white? It Looks like the white.
00:54 Negress-American: It's illegal to take pictures [here]
00:55 Hymie-American: It's illegal to take pictures here? Under what law?
00:59. Negress: Law of the campaign
Hymie-American: Oh, you run your own country?
Negress:I do.
1:08 Hymie-American:Can I see the bylaws.
01:11 Hymie-American: White person of course [gestures to Honky-American, smiling, to his right]
01:15 Slovenly white girl at front desk:Seriously, it's illegal to take picture
1:17 Negress:Can you take him out
Hymie-American 01:21OK

Take him out?

What is this a mafia hit?

Funny, she doesn't look Italian.

Fortunately, the Kerry Campaign's tormenter did not find a horses head in his bed when he returned to his Arlington, VA apartment. And further reporting the next morning showed even more that the two americas don't exist.

Such is John Kerry's America. Elsewhere, blacks don't realize they are oppressed and whites don't act like the slave masters of Kerry's putrid paradigm.

It's morning in America.

Nearly 9:00am in the produce area of an Arlington, VA Safeway grocery store.

One worker, about 5'8'', blue apron over his white shirt, concentrating on stocking up the vast bins filled with peaches, as a larger, hulk of man, perhaps 6'4" with a stomach that ranks in size with Michael Moore's watching him carefully.

The hulk is black. His charge is white, and they're talking about baseball.

Later on the checkout line, with the hulk nearby, he is asked if anybody ever mistook him for Jesse Jacks, same hair same mustache.

Yeah, he laughs. You should see my father he looks even more like him. Why don't you just tell people that you are Jesse Jackson? Then you can get thousands of dollars for speaking fees?

No, he laughs, it would be my luck that just that day someone tries to shoot at him.

Read the above carefully, and think. Jesse Jackson has been threatened by many things--the truth, the ADL, his mistress, but not violence. The last civil rights leader shot was Vernon Jordan, then Urban League head, in 1980. Before that was Martin Luther King, which many blacks, laymen and "leaders" contended might have been a government plot.

It's quite possible that the hulking supermarket manager had this kind of stuff in mind--fear of the government, colluding or acting unfairly to blacks, in ways big and small, when he made his comment. Many blacks to this day cite the notorious Tuskegee experiments to justify their fear of the government, which, in the view of some, is currently embodied by the racial profiling of police departments and other law enforcement authorities.

This is the kind of stuff which could be used as a starting point for a serious discussion arbout race in America. That's why Kerry stood clear of it, and opted for outdating and patronizing platitudes in New Orleans, with his own little house negress guarding the campaign HQ in DC.

His speech--just like the campaign antics, the fish rots from the head down--is striking testament to John Kerry's revolting vision of America, which these two events alone should give serious pause to those who contend he is fit to lead.

EVAN GAHR used to work for Eric Breindel and sometimes feels like he still does.

Evan Gahr, King of All Animals for, previously broke the House Bank story (stolen by Roll Call), the story that Hillary Clinton had helped fund PLO front groups, and the Paul Weyrich story

Most recently, Mr. Gahr's series of investigative reports for about religious conservatives collusion with reputed terrorist-friendly Muslim groups to oppose gay marriage, sparked a nationwide outcry, was picked up by, among other major media outlets, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the Forward, and the Washington Blade, and led to the "withdrawal" of the controversial Muslim group from the Alliance for Marriage's coalition.

Many of his recent pieces--for the Washington Post, Washington Times, the American Spectator, the Women's Quarterly, the American Enterprise Magazine, are archived at



Federal and local authorities have been asked to investigate an incident late last Friday afternoon in which a journalist who meandered into Kerry campaign headquarters wielding a silver Kodak digital camera and asking questions about the campaign's apparent dearth of black people was expelled from the front desk reception area and threatened with arrest if he returned to the building.

In a complaint emailed to R. Alexander Acosta, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, the journalist the journalist asserts that the Kerry campaign illegally discriminated against him based on race in violation of the landmark Civil Rights act, which many conservative intellectuals such as William Buckley opposed.

The journalist a honky-American, contends that the malicious and arbitrary of the Kerry people is illegal because they treated him differently than they might have a black person who made similar pesky inquiries.

For years, he alleges, black leaders have not only asked questions about minority under representation in campaigns and conventions but loudly demanded changes, dating back to Jesse Jackson's antics when he rounded up a bunch of black people, many of them not even registered to vote, and herded them into a Dem convention to demand more diversity among delegates.

This could be a tough sell, legally, but it raises the kind of embarrassing questions--Kerry wants to safeguard America against all threats foreign and domestic but his people can't handle digital cameras--that his already faltering campaign won't be too pleased to answer.

Legally, the stronger claim could be the complaint which the journalist faxed late today to the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights.

In addition to charging racial discrimination in violation of DC human rights law, he also charges that the conduct violated the statutes prohibition against political bias because the campaign, not knowing he is a journalist, treated him with the heavy-handed manner that might be expected from a bunch of fools confront by a pesky protestor.

To buttress his point, he makes the argument that the campaign could not possibly have a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason to expel him, such as disruption because his pesky questions and camera wielding in no way interfered with campaign activity, and the white person standing next to him smiled--digital recording available--as the journalist pressed his point regarding the dearth of minorities.

The ACLU and DC Office of Human Rights could not be reached for comment.


September 13, 2004


R. Alexander Acosta
Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main
Washington, D.C. 20530

Fax Numbers

(202) 514-0293
(202) 307-2572
(202) 307-2839

Mr. Acosta:

This is a formal complaint against the John Kerry campaign and the management of the building in which its headquarters is housed for conspiracy to deprive me of my civil rights under the law, including but not limited to discrimination in public accommodations based on race.

Petitioner is a white male, Jewish, and perceived looney tune by many conservative activists. Petitioner alleges that in the events described below he was treated differently because of his race when he was ejected from the Kerry campaign headquarters and threatened with arrest if he even entered the building again after the embarrassed the campaign with questions that suggested it was way short on black people.


1. Petitioner is white male, Jewish, perceived by many as looney tune.

2. On September 12, petitioner entered the building that houses the Kerry Campaign national headquarters.

3. Petitioner signed his name at the log book on the guard's desk. No guard was present.

4. Petitioner walked past guard on 7th floor and into the lobby of the campaign HW.

5. Petitioner asked a series of questions about the campaign's apparent dearth of black people.

6. Petitioner started taking pictures. Two front desk workers names unknown, one black the other white, told him he was not allowed to take pictures?

Petitioner asked under what rules?

Front desk worker said that she made the rules and she was the soveirgn of campaign.

7. Petitioner continued to film campaign with digital camera, although it might not have been noticeable and ask questions.

8. White male next to petitioner and talking to front desk woman smiled at the humor.

9. As unidentified Negroes talked to white guy petitioner cut her off, asking him "is this the black hq?"

He smiled. She did not. She told guard "take him out."

The moment petitioner heard the order he started walking out. He was, nevertheless, followed downstairs by the burly guard, left the building and then walked South along 15th st. Another guard followed him and threatened with arrest if he entered the building.


The campaign lacked a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for expelling petitioner, ie. under DC human rights laws, denial of service.

Reading of the transcript should reveal that complaints about picture taking were obvious pretext.

a. The expulsion was ordered when petitioner asked about dearth of minorities.

b. Respondent Negro didn't seem to realize the camera was filming c. It is unlikely any such photo policy existed. If it does exist was it applied consistently or was petitioner singled out because of his race inquiries.

Discrimination based on race It is standard fare for black politicians, public figures and journalist to ask questions about private institution's lack of minorities which they deem manifestation of racism and demand changes. Jesse Jackson's game is described in book titled Shake Down.

Based on information and belief the campaign was particularly vicious and singled out petitioner because he is white for saying that which it would not object if made by minorities.


1. Petitioner did not disrupt the campaign. Rude questions even somebody else is speaking does not rise to disruption. Yes, he asked Negroes question as she was speaking to third party white to his left. But this white person hardly minded. He even smiled. Therefore the offense was not interfering with customers, but ideological.

2. The building, per above, is normally open to the public. Respondent has no authority to summarily bar petitioner from building which they occupy but do not own.

3. The black guard who bullied petitioner and threatened hi halfway down the block from the building impeded free expression on a public sidewalk over which he has no authority and those who do have authority could not legally impede similar speech.


00:05 Hymie-American: It's OK to look around?

Black guard: [no response]
00:24 Hymie-American: Are you the only black person who works for him?
00:25 Negress at front desk: No [laughs]
00:27 Hymie-American: Are you sure?
00:29 Negress:I'm positive. There are others.
Hymie-American: Where are they?
0031 Negress: They're working.
Hymie-American: Oh yeah? Do you know their names?
0331: Negress: I do.
Hymie-American: but you cant tell me? Is it like stereotypical black names? Or Jewish names? Or average normal name.
Negress: Can I help you [said to Honky-American at Hymie-American's right]
00:44 Hymie-American: Wait, wait. He said there are two Americas. Is this the black campaign headquarters or the white? It Looks like the white.
00:54 Negress-American: It's illegal to take pictures [here]
00:55 Hymie-American: It's illegal to take pictures here? Under what law?
00:59. Negress: Law of the campaign
Hymie-American: Oh, you run your own country?
Negress: I do.
1:08 Can I see the bylaws.
01:11 white person of course [gestures to Honky-American, smiling, to his right
01:15 Slovenly white girl at front desk. Seriously, it's illegal to take picture
1:17 Can you take him out
Hymie-American 01:21OK

   Evan Gahr, a former press critic for the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, recently broke the story of a race discrimination lawsuit against the Washington Post. He has written for almost every major conservative publication.