The Washington Gadfly
Jay "a little anti-Semitism is good for the Jews" Lefkowitz doesn't even bother with a non-denial denial...

"Oh, Evan Gahr, people are calling me about you."
--Hudson Institute president Herbert London the week before he fired Mr. Gahr

"I have no comment [on whether the White House got you fired]. I have no comment until the end of time."
--Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Horowitz, who rescues Christians half way around the world but is less concerned about mistreatment of Jews down the hall from his corner office

"I owe a debt of gratitude to the good people at Hudson...In Washington we work closely with them."
--Tim Goeglein, Special Assistant to the President and Jay Lefkowitz confidante

As OMB general counsel in 2001, Jay Lefkowitz oversaw the government contracts that would have provided the leverage for Karl Rove to get Evan Gahr fired from the Hudson Institute, a government contractor fired after the one-time protoge the late Eric Breindel, embarrassed the Bush Administration by calling their key Christian Right ally for anti-Semitic remarks.

This alone renders him complicit in phone calls made by Special Assistant to the President Tim Goeglein, at the behest of Karl Rove, about Evan Gahr and Marshall Wittmann, who also soon parted ways with Hudson under mysterious circumstances.

Lefkowitz worked closely with Rove and Goeglein at the White House when these phone calls-the one about Marshall Wittmann reported in the New Republic-were made.

He has also never denied being one of the White House staffers who Paul Weyrich has stated in writing were very interested in the matter of Mr. Gahr's employment.

What did Lefkowitz know and when did he know it about the White House phone calls, which John DiIulio in an exclusive statement to said could be illegal?

Asked about this matter repeatedly since 2001, he has never replied. But when I called Goeglein about this matter-who essentially admitted to having called Hudson about me-Lefkowitz knew about our phone conversation the next day? How? "I work with him."


   Evan Gahr, a former press critic for the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, recently broke the story of a race discrimination lawsuit against the Washington Post. He has written for almost every major conservative publication.