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Farrenheit 12/6

People for the American Way boots reporter from liberal group's Kennedy Center shindig to dodge his questions about their Christmas auctions which hawk Noam Chomsky books and punk rock crooners who call George W. Bush a turncoat, liar and killer.

It happened like this.

Late Tuesday afternoon, this reporter asked Ralph Neas via email to put his name on the press list for the Kennedy Center event headlined by Sharon Stone. He arrived at the event around 7pm, signed in at the registration table as "Evan Gahr, Chimpstein," started to head for the door. He was told to wait by a clean-cut guy who looked barely out of college.

The unidentified PFAW worked ("Live White Male #1) looks furtively over two sheets of paper that looked like an email print-out.

"You're not on the list."

Actually, it looks like I'm on your s--- list.

What to do? What to do?

Get the man?

Live White Male #1 then confers with another white male who identified himself as PFAW press coordinator ("White Male#2) "You're not on the list."

Reporter: Uh, actually, I am. I just put my name down.

Do you, uh, do you like this music?

Live White Male #2: "I'm not familiar with it." It says Bush is a traitor. Do you think Bush is a traitor?

This is a public place

Do you think Bush is a traitor? Do you think Bush is a traitor?

Yes or no? Yes or no? Live White Male #2 confers with black security guard. The only black person in view at this event hosted by group devoted to diversity

"If you want me to leave I'll leave."

But ask a self-described "liberal with sanity" about the CD, a Democrat who actually wins elections and helped extricate his party from the fever swamps of the far left in which Ralph Neas likes to skinny dip with Sharon Stone and you get a different reaction.
"You did not RSVP."

Actually, I did.

To Ralph Neas

"And now you're taking my picture."

You're for the freedom of press and you don't want your picture taken?

apparently not

So much for the liberals in a hurry.

"It is outrageous for anyone to call President Bush a liar," says former New York City mayor Ed Koch. "He relied on CIA Director George Tenet's briefings and memos and had every right to do so. Tenet was appointed as Director of the CIA by President Bill Clinton."

"I agree with your suggestion that it would be better if my books were auctioned off by supporters of the Democratic Party."

Liberals in a Hurry
Last year, Chimpstein reported that People for the American Way was hawking Noam Chomsky books on eBay for its Christmas fundraiser.

Washington Times reporter Greg Pierce followed-up with an item for his "Inside Politics" column.

And World Net Daily re-published the chimpstein story.

Who looks like the real fascist? The PFAW operative above whose organization protects freedom of expression from all those right-wing meanies? Or the mega-goy (far right) below who helped Jerry Falwell launch the Moral Majority
Is it therefore no accident that MIT professor's books are not offered by PFAW for its 2005 Christmas auction launched December 4?

The liberal lobbying group, which "All in the Family" creator Norman Lear founded to fight the religious right, boasted in a recent email that the current eBay auction offers such goodies as "a guided private tour of "Wisteria Lane" with Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, a guitar played (and somewhat destroyed!) by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, a twork from blue-chip artists such as Ed Ruscha , Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Robert Rauschenberg, William Wegman, Richard Misrach, and Roy Lichtenstein."

They forgot to brag about the Heart greatest hits CD also available to the highest bidder.

However, one lovely musical CD on the PFAW auction block sounds like the kind of stuff Noam Chomsky might use to unwind after a long day at the office writing an introduction to a Holocaust denier's book.

It's a "Signed CD of The Terror State by ALL members of Anti-Flag, which is a Pittsburgh punk rock band."

Heard of them?

The authoratative-looking leedsmusicscene website explains that in the best tradition of protest music they take "an active role in direct action and protests against the idiot son of an arsehole who currently resides in office in the US ."

"The first song, Turncoat, on the album is based around accusations of Bush Jr being a 'Turncoat, Killer, Liar and a Thief'. These charges are thoroughly explained with a full page of the inlay dedicated to citing examples and references to said charges."

The unnnamed reviewer, his command of the English language much in evidence, concludes that "in such an apathetic age it's nice to see the tradition of protest music been continued by people who genuinely give a shit."

Another website says the lyrics to the song Turncoat go like this,

Criminal with protection of the law!


States lies dressed up as evening news
We're t ired of lies we want the truth
Brodcast by corpses courting you
We're tired of lies we want the truth
Most people they will never know
We're tired of lies we want the truth
Wi th your or against you?
Then I am against you because you're a...

Criminal with protection of the law

Criminal wi th protection of the law

Unless Ralphie finally disassociates himself from this particularly puerile and crass leftist claptrap, conservatives can't reasonably be criticized when they lump together mainstream liberals with denizens of the fever swamps of the far left, such as Noam Chomsky, and, now, his official band, Anti-Flag.
In your corner
Makes me wanna
Douse myself in gasoline!
Civil servants fall in line for you
Too brainwashed to see the truth
You use anyone you can!

Criminal with protection of the law

Criminal with protection of the




Criminal with protection of the law!

The band is so reliably PC that it boasts on its website of donating money to a shelter for battered "womyn."

PFAW president Ralph Neas does not return phone calls anymore. (Is he embarassed that Chimpstein found the potential smoking gun on John Roberts, his effort to give tax-breaks to the JungleFeverphobes at Bob Jones University that his huge opposition research outfit missed?)

Neas also refuses to tell if the the self-described recovering terrorist who told a PFAW conference that women should deface federal property with their own menstrual blood is welcome at future events.

Neas, a shrewd and cautious political operative, who personally has never indulged anti-Christian bigotry or virulent anti-Americanism and is a serious Catholic (yes you can be a serious Catholic and disagree with Father Richard John Neuhaus) can pull the CD easily enough.

The most obnoxious thing about People for the American Way, however, is obdurate. Its name. PFAW presumes anyone who dissents from its particular policy prescriptions is un-American.

Then again, so does Gary Bauer from his new home base of "American Values."

(Bauer also needs to explain just which American value justifies his silence about his former aide Tim Goeglein making illegal phone calls at the behest of Karl Rove in cahoots with Jay Lefkowitz about two Jewish employees of Hudson Institute who then left the think tank under mysterious circumstances.)

Neas and Bauer should record a duet together.

And auction it on eBay, with proceeds earmarked to fund the first ever Peter and Marian Wright Edelman scholarship at Bob Jones University.

Meanwhile, perhaps if People for the American Way wants a safe liberal item to auction, something which can excite the base without a backlash, it should put on eBay the classic book about race in America which includes a new introduction by Ralph Nader, Black Like Me.

   Evan Gahr, a former press critic for the late New York Post editorial page editor Eric Breindel, recently broke the story of a race discrimination lawsuit against the Washington Post. He has written for almost every major conservative publication.